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I started composing the first time I laid my hands on a piano, and it's been my passion ever since. Having excelled at composition through school and college, I went on to write and compose with many of the various bands and musicians I've worked with. All of this, combined with my skills as a multi-instrumentalist (see my musician page), has given me experience of composing and arranging for a variety of different instruments and orchestrations, and in a wide selection of genres, from pop music, jazz and fusion to choral and chamber music.

I now compose production music for film and TV, and I am a freelance composer, arranger, transcriber and scorer. If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

For examples of my compositions see below. Each piece has the instrument(s) that the piece is written for indicated along side the name of the piece.

All compositions copyright ©2011 Peter Maxwell Wright, ℗2011 Peter Maxwell Wright. All rights reserved.

My music player can't be displayed as JavaScript is disabled or unavailable in your browser, so instead here are links to MP3s of the tracks.