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7th July 2011
Yep, I've gone and redesigned the site again. There are now some compositions up on the composer page (more to come in the next few months though), and a couple of tracks I did with The Police Academy are also up on the musician page (more to come there, too). Speaking of The Police Academy, the band is going from strength to strength, the website is now fully up and running, and we've got regular gigs for the rest of the year and going into next year, so please come along and check out the show ☺

7th November 2010
Slight redesign of the site, hope you like it! Also, I thought it was about time I announced my new project - I am playing Sting in a new Police tribute band I've set up called The Police Academy. Take a look at the website, Not much there at the moment, but there's plenty more to come.

15th September 2010
Thanks to photographer Stuart Cox, we now have photos on the site! I'll also have some recordings up very soon on the about page, so don't forget to check back later.

2nd August 2010
My website is finally up and running! Check out the 'Teaching' and 'Functions' pages for information about my piano & saxophone teaching and what I can do for your wedding and function. The site isn't finished yet, there's plenty more to come including pictures, demos and of course my songs! There's also an exciting new project on the horizon, more details to follow.